For us, it is about giving back, offering our diverse experience to support business owners, management and teams. We always aim to exceed expectations; our reputation relies upon customer satisfaction, after all.

Stubborn Group, formerly 2 Stubborn Mules, was created in 2007 by Chef Iain McCombe and Brand Developer, Designer and Web Developer Julie McCombe of Stubborn Creative (formerly McCoy Design). Together they offer decades of knowledge and experience that spans all facets of kitchen operations, purchasing, inventory control, business start-up, brand positioning, brand development, re-branding, logo design, website development and graphic design.

“We offer business owners our extensive scope of experience and insights so that they can drive their food business forward with confidence.” – Julie McCombe

Through their solid B2B network, they have long-standing relationships with associates to further support clients with IT, Human Resources, IP Trademark Registration, Commercial and Corporate Law, Finance/Lending, Restaurant, Hotel and Resort Refurbishment and Interior Design, ID Solutions and Branded Merchandise.

“Frequently, and with good intention, Sous Chefs (and even Chefs de Partie) are promoted to the role of Head Chef. In the longer term, this often creates issues when inexperienced Head Chefs (who may be very good at production and cooking) may not have the experience to develop menus to target specific demographics, accurately cost recipes, manage, motivate and train their teams well, improve and maintain standards or generally run a kitchen to its optimal potential. They may even be missing other revenue-making opportunities. In this situation, the morale of the Head Chef and team declines and frustration sets in.” – Chef Iain McCombe

Chef Iain is incredibly passionate about raising food standards but also boosting our clients’ kitchen team skills and morale.

The first thing Iain does when he steps into the Kitchen is introduce himself and immediately reassure the Head Chef. Iain is there to support, encourage, and work with them to improve operations proactively and positively.

“Sharing knowledge to support others is remarkably fulfilling. The greatest reward is when the client and team fully embrace the process and experience the transformation. The energy lifts and ignites renewed enthusiasm throughout the business.”
– Chef Iain McCombe

Vincent Smith

Vincent Smith


“I would like to thank you for spending time with us over the past couple of weeks. I have found it extremely useful, and you have reminded me to look back on kitchens in the past, where I had a love and respect for the head chefs that I have worked for, thinking on the practices that they had and learning form what you have said. I am looking forward to heading the kitchen in a new direction for the better. Again, thank you very much and I hope to see and work with you again in the future.”


Why Stubborn?

In a crowded marketplace, stubborn brands are outstanding.
They are strong, bold, consistent and memorable.

The “Stubborn” brand encompassing Stubborn Group and Stubborn Creative evolved from “2 Stubborn Mules”, created by founders Julie and Iain McCombe in 2007. Approaching all endeavours in earnest, we chose “Stubborn” to reflect our determination in our pursuit of raising standards. Resolute about creating quality, regardless of the budget, steadfast in our mission to make our clients stand out.

Why 2 Stubborn Mules? Because we are notoriously reliable, determined and strong.
We have a purpose that others cannot fulfil, and we can size up a situation fast.
We go the distance and stay the course.

What is the meaning behind our icon?


The history of the Stubborn Mules brand
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